• Advised a Malaysian collector on the acquisition of art works via dealers in London, Brussels & Vienna, negotiated contracts of agency and sale. Co-ordinated contracts of insurance and transportation arrangements.
  • Represented a group of investors from Asia and Europe in the acquisition of a significant collection of Biedermeier furniture via direct contracts and dealers for an eventual transaction via Hong Kong. We facilitated the relevant contracts via our network of firms. We also advised upon fractional investment between existing and new investors.

    Increasingly we have advised groups who pool funds for significant acquisitions. We have established a contractual platform for their cooperation and structure the asset holding into an appropriate vehicle for the invitation of additional investors, exit of investors and capital gain.
  • Represented a European family in the purchase of art and antiques from Asia. We concluded the respective contracts for sale, established an investment structure to allow for wider participation and facilitated the procurement of all export permits for the given asset class.