Corporate Advisory

We provide a full range of Corporate Services. These services cater for established corporations as well as new and emerging businesses or one that is pursuing a more aggressive growth cycle through acquisitions.

We are able to support our Corporate clientele through a full suite of advisory and support services ranging from:

  • establishment of structures and vehicles;
  • formulation of shareholder agreements and joint ventures;
  • transactions for the acquisition of shares and assets whether in our respective jurisdictions or on a cross border basis;
  • rendering and facilitating advise on Regulatory and Corporate governance issues in jurisdictions that are relevant to a transaction.

Our teams have adopted well to varying corporate styles and cultures. The longstanding relationships with our clients and our ability to have grown with them across sectors and borders is testament to the quality of our services and the strength of the relationship we build with our clients.

We are able to provide and to facilitate a full suite of services in the following areas: 

  • at a basic level – to advise upon or to propose a scheme of restructuring which meets our client’s strategic and corporate objectives. We complement this with the full drafting support in respect of agreements and instruments;
  • advising and facilitating the divestment or the segregation of non-core activities to improve overall corporate structure, efficiency, bankability and receptiveness to investors;
  • advising companies during economic adversity to evolve into a more sustainable position via a restructuring their corporate organizations and financial facilities;
  • we are able to bring to bring forth an impressive multi-disciplinary team which is able to see through all aspects of a scheme of restructuring, inclusive of procuring investor participation and fund raising.

We are also frequently involved in restructuring exercises in the post merger & acquisition phase. The experiences in the region have firmly demonstrated that while growth can be driven via acquisitions, this upside is dependent upon a corporation’s ability to integrate the newly acquired assets into its superstructure or in the case of a divestment to consolidate and move forward with a more streamlined organisation.

The field of Mergers and Acquisitions is integral a number of our practice divisions both on the advisory and dispute resolution front. Our activities include:

  • acting for buyers and sellers on a full range of private and public company share and asset acquisitions and divestments;
  • advising target companies and bidders on takeovers or significant acquisitions, divestments and placement of listed company shares;
  • advising acquiring companies and target companies of regulatory issues or on a more contentious level, representing corporations in public law proceedings against regulators and defending proceedings by minority shareholders;
  • advising Corporations on optimal and strategic terms of sale and post sale obligations including resort to dispute resolution provisions through forums of international arbitration eg SIAC, ICC, UNCITRAL etc.

RSA Chambers has been involved in Capital Markets work since its inception. It started in a humble enough wayarranging of loans and facilities for the purchase of real estate, this progressed to the structuring of financing schemes for real estate development projects and trade finance for manufacturers. We have progressed significantly in this field over the years and our alliances have given us considerable reach in terms of access to capital and the sophistication of the product mix.

Presently, we have a fully developed capital markets portfolio which we are able to provide our Client both in Malaysia, the Asia Pacific Region, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Our services encompass:

  • the development of a capital base for start ups,
  • the structuring of financial packages for projects, working capital packages and others.
  • Close hand support to businesses seeking capital for expansion and diversification or those seeking to go public.
  • Pre-Listing preparation of structuring and restructuring as may be required to meet the Listing Requirements of the relevant Exchange.

Additionally, on an ongoing basis we provide the complete range of specialized services to corporations who seek to restructure their finances or to evolve new financial solutions to replace current structures. In all of the above areas we are able to provide comprehensive services in conjunction with associates in all related fields. This enables us to provide a cohesive and well structured service with credible delivery.

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